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Off to sea the land
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This will be a 4 part adventure(not including the introduction here) across the world of Minecraft in which I hope to dive deep into the world of Biomes. The what, where and when they came to be and I'll even touch on those villagers who will literally trade your dirt for an Emerald. But before I start I want to dispel a few rumors you think you know about the world of Minecraft. But first ever wonder why we have Biomes or when they came to be.

Well I have and I decided to find out when the first Biomes appeared. And, guess what it wasn't back at the beginning. Nope sure there was a stone world and then some grass but no Biomes existed. In fact they were a ways into the future of Minecraft. Long after caves and lakes after sunrises and scary things that went bump in the night came a Halloween that will haunt your world forever. That's right the Halloween update released on
October 31, 2010 not only introduced the Nether, you know that personal Hell that has taken many of our innocent lives away. Well it also introduced "Biomes".
Wait what is a Biome? Well in this case it is 1 of 40 separate areas of the Minecraft world. No they aren't new worlds but rather regions of the world that blend together almost seamlessly. Well that is if you include straight lines and rivers and the occasional mismatched blocks scattered along the edges of one biome to the next. Oh wait I guess they aren't so seamless after all. But they were each different, so much so that even the mobs were different. Oh and villages you know that place where some nosy villager continuously stands in your way asking you  "hmmm". As though you will trade with him even if you are completely out f food and have only dirt. Sorry buddy but if I find myself in your village in such a state it is usually to raid your crops hunt for a Blacksmith's shop and raid the chest before hiding in a house till dawns early light. LOL But wait we must add that Villages are found only in a few of the Biomes naturally and this means your on your own when you venture into uncharted territory. Oh yes and, an important detail about Biomes, is the villages... Well they are only found in a few Biomes which I will note as I cover each in the next few post about Biomes. And now more about the wonderful story of the Biome.

A Biome is actually a region of the world which is very unique. I mean in such way such as having rivers sprawling through it or being dry barren, or maybe freezing cold covered in snow. And of course they could also be mountains or flower filled plains stretching to the edge of the eyes view. And then there are those which are designed to disorient you, you know the Ocean Biome, a deep blue lonely region. A place where finding your way to shore may take all you have and death literally is 50 blocks below or maybe just under the surface in the form of a Guardian watching over a Sea Temple(more on those in the future). As you can tell by now Biomes will be a adventure for all of us and this is just the beginning. In our next section we will venture fourth from the gates of our castle into this wilderness and learn the secrets that await us within each Biome. The mobs will be covered briefly as will the Villages for each type. I will also cover some on what is found within the newest 1.13 snapshot as well as a quick side trip into the Biomes O'Plenty mod and similar mods which can add to the world of Minecraft.
But for now let me leave you with this one thought.

A Biome is more then just some part of the Minecraft world it is a challenge that in order to truly defeat the game you must complete. So this little adventure that I will take you one is rather important should you wish to become a Minecraft Master.[/size][/font]

Actual ingame achievement you must complete....
"Adventure Time"
Discover 17 of the 40 different biomes. (Or if your serious all 40 with sub-biomes too). Visiting any of the 17 biomes does not mean they have to be in a single world. So this means you can take on The End or the Nether, should you dare.
I will begin part 1 tomorrow so stay tuned to the site for more Biomes....
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Off to sea the land
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