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Welcome! Please read the rules and keep it family friendly.
Hello and welcome to the

Friendly World Server

Before we get started with the rules etc., we would like you to register. This is simple and easy and will allow you to comment and post within our forums. As well as keeping up with post etc. easier.

The following is a list of our rules for conduct not just on the server but here on the site as well. All we ask is that you please read these rules and respect them, by simply following them. Thanks

The rules are simple and sweet with room for change and hopefully room to learn. But take note some rules are server side and some are for the site, and if they do not specify that means there for both.

Rule 1 Please read all the rules before continuing this will make this experience better for all of us. Especially you.

Rule 2 (server side only)Please always respect each other, do not grief, revenge kill, steal, bully, abuse or otherwise ruin the game for others.

Rule 3 (site side only ) Please always respect each other, don't bully, lie, cheat or otherwise. In short treat others as you wish to be treated.

Rule 4 We do not allow foul language, or adult content*

Rule 5 (server side only)We have community areas, these are open to all players. All we ask is that you do not damage, pvp or build in these areas, treat them like your home, a safe place to be at anytime.

Rule 6 (server side only)This is the building rule, Lets not build on top of or right next to another players build, we have a huge world lets give each other some space.

Rule 7 If you have a question about the rules please ask and an admin will answer you as quickly as possible.

So now lets have fun and become a group of Minecrafters devoted to a better tomorrow.

*Important Note Regarding Adult Content. If you see anyone posting or using adult content please report it immediately to an admin. So we can take the appropriate actions.

March 09, 2018, 06:16:58 pm by EmilyisRandom
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Hi i am EmilyisRandom or you can call me Emily. I am one of the players on the sever and I'm usually trying to help build or have fun there . If you do come to the server ill be glad to greet you and answer your questions and i'll be glad to build and share my things with you . I'm very active on the server so please stop by and make this a server you play on :) . Cant wait to see you there! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
March 03, 2018, 03:47:10 pm by twincactus
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Jobs has been updated to 4.5.1.

PaperSpigot updated to version 1337.

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