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Welcome! Please read the rules and keep it family friendly.
Hello and welcome to the

Friendly World Server

Before we get started with the rules etc., we would like you to register. This is simple and easy and will allow you to comment and post within our forums. As well as keeping up with post etc. easier.

The following is a list of our rules for conduct not just on the server but here on the site as well. All we ask is that you please read these rules and respect them, by simply following them. Thanks

The rules are simple and sweet with room for change and hopefully room to learn. But take note some rules are server side and some are for the site, and if they do not specify that means there for both.

Rule 1 Please read all the rules before continuing this will make this experience better for all of us. Especially you.

Rule 2 (server side only)Please always respect each other, do not grief, revenge kill, steal, bully, abuse or otherwise ruin the game for others.

Rule 3 (site side only ) Please always respect each other, don't bully, lie, cheat or otherwise. In short treat others as you wish to be treated.

Rule 4 We do not allow foul language, or adult content*

Rule 5 (server side only)We have community areas, these are open to all players. All we ask is that you do not damage, pvp or build in these areas, treat them like your home, a safe place to be at anytime.

Rule 6 (server side only)This is the building rule, Lets not build on top of or right next to another players build, we have a huge world lets give each other some space.

Rule 7 If you have a question about the rules please ask and an admin will answer you as quickly as possible.

So now lets have fun and become a group of Minecrafters devoted to a better tomorrow.

*Important Note Regarding Adult Content. If you see anyone posting or using adult content please report it immediately to an admin. So we can take the appropriate actions.

March 12, 2018, 08:54:30 am by EchocallingEarth
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Steve (talking to Mr. Creeper) - You know Mr Creeper they say and apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what if it really gave you like I don't know super powers. Then what would it be?

Mr. Creeper - Well Steve it would be a.... NOTCH APPLE

Steve - Wait a what? A Notch who? I though Notch was just some guy who made all of this. The god of our world. Now your saying he's really an apple. I'm confused.

Mr. Creeper - It's okay lets just say that being the great and powerful creator isn't enough when your Notch. So why not have his own apple to. Or well sort of as it really isn't his and it's actually called a Enchanted Apple.

Steve - Now hold on a sec how did he become an apple or an enchanted apple or whatever you say he is now or isn't. Oh forget it I'm confused. I just wanted to have an apple that would protect me not just feed me.

Mr. Creeper - Calm down Steve, calm down. Let me explain to you the Notch Apple as it has become affectionately known by those who visit our world daily. And I promise I'll keep it simple for you as today seems to be your Monday and your just not ready for an overload of information.

Steve - Oh okay I guess, but let me first grab an apple out of my pocket to eat while I listen.
(Rummaging through his pockets Steve brings out a red delicious apple and begins eating while listening intently to his explosive friend.)

Steve (through a mouth full of apple) - nokay go ahed and yell me bout did here Motch paple.

Mr. Creeper (sighs looking at his friend spewing apple bits as he talks and wonders why do I try) - Oh good so  you know all about Apples that is clear. Now let me tell you about an enchanted apple.  So Notch apples used to be crafted by placing an Apple on a Crafting table and surrounding it with blocks of gold. BUT...

Steve - Really cool let me grab another apple and some of my gold and I'll have it ma...

Mr. Creeper - Hold on there Steve, it doesn't work like that. See you can't craft them anymore. Notch or some demigod changed that on you because why have life be too easy. However, they may still be found rarely in chests, mostly those deep down in the world's mineshafts.  But hey you can get them...

Mr. Creeper (looking confused at Steve who is scratching his head looking at his crafting table apples and gold still not listening, shouts at Steve) - STEVE! Listen to me already you will get no where doing that so come on and pay attention.

Steve(confused and shocked that he was yelled at) - Oh sorry, I was to distracted and now I feel foolish. I really am sorry.

Mr. Creeper - it's okay, so anyways as I was saying you can't craft a Notch Apple anymore. you can only find them in chest and even then it's rare that you do.

Steve - ah okay that explains why nothing was working when I tired to craft one.

Mr. Creeper - So let me just tell you the advantages of the ever famous Notch Apple. See when you find one and are able to eat it well it gives you some really cool powers if you will. First how's about Absorption, or Regeneration. Still not enough then maybe you'd like to have Resistance  and Fire Resistance. Yeah let that sink in.

Steve - So when do I head out to find one of these Golden gifts from the Minecraft God?

Mr. Creeper - Well Steve before you do you should know two things about the Notch Apple. First if you should encounter a Wither, this special little apple can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Steve - A what? What is that?

Mr. Creeper (sighs again) - A Wither Steve, but that is another story altogether. For now lets just stick to the Notch Apple okay.

Steve - Fine, fine, fine. Whatever you say. Now what is the second thing you have to tell me that is so important?

Mr. Creeper. Well Steve the second thing is hissssss

March 10, 2018, 11:17:41 am by EchocallingEarth
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In todays Mr. Creeper and Steve story we have a short laugh at Steve's expense. And yes to be fair this is pointless just wanted to bring them back for smiles.

Steve - Hmm wonder what this switch does? Maybe if I flip it I'll get diamonds. Hmmm but what if it's a trap? Oh man this is hard.

Mr. Creeper - Hey buddy, listen just throw it and find out.

Steve - Wait what who said that?

Mr. Creeper - Why I did, it's me your old pal Mr. Creeper.

Steve - Oh hey there, long time no see. How's life, how's the family?

Mr. Creeper - Life has been good. I'm learning to build things such as this wonderful house. So inviting and it even has a huge surprise that comes with it.

Steve - Really wow. but wait you always blow up when we are together and I have to spend days recovering because of your explosive personality.

Mr. Creeper - Yes that is true I used to be that way but I've changed, I promise I don't blow up like I used to.

Steve (remembering the last visit with his green friend) - Hmm.....

Steve - you know I want to trust you but seriously your reputation haunts you and my medical bills too. So I'm having some trouble with this one.

Mr. Creeper - I know and I understand why. But I promise you I will not blow you up this time. You have my word.

Steve - Well okay I guess so. Let me just flip the lever and see if I can get those diamonds I've been wanting. Shall I?

Mr. Creeper (slowly backing up) - of course my friend. Heck I'll even help you craft a sword after you get them.

Steve - Sounds like a plan...

Steve reaches out and flips the lever.....

Mr. Creeper(slowly walking off) - Mawhahahaha
March 09, 2018, 06:47:59 pm by EchocallingEarth
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Some teaser pictures from the Nether-Skies project. Enjoy more coming soon as we get closer to reaching perfection.
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